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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia To Host Women’s Professional Squash Event

  Saudi Arabia will stage a women’s squash tournament later this year with world champion Nour El Sherbini and eight-time world title winner Nicol David appearing in a rare public airing for women’s sport in the kingdom. The Professional Squash Association (PSA) says the PSA Women’s Masters will be staged at Princess Nora bint Abdul […]

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Using height to evade your opponent

Being behind your opponent when they are on the T-Position is rarely an advantage on the squash court. Occasionally you might come up against a player who is vulnerable to short shorts from the back but generally you want to spend as little time as possible in the backseat. Against most players, the longer you […]

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Tip for an even deadlier lob serve

We all throw the ball up to hit it when we serve, as this throw gives the ball some momentum and energy, making it easier to hit, and of course gives us space to swing. However, you can use the throw to have different effects on your serve, as we’ve discussed previously. To enhance your […]

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Ways of getting the ball behind the service box

In general, you need the first bounce of your shot to be behind the serve box. The exact area of the ideal first bounce will vary though depending on the court, the ball and what shot you are playing. It’s wise to spend a bit of time during the warm-up trying to figure out where […]

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