The Codes of Conduct exist to elevate and maintain the high standard of sportsmanship in squash competition. They have been developed to maintain enjoyment and safety at accredited (sanctioned) events, and are aligned with Chamberlain Squash Open (CSO) values of fairness, sportsmanship and respect.

Being respectful of one’s opponent and the officials, courteous on and off the court, and responsible for one’s own behavior are the fundamentals of competing in a sportsmanlike manner and upholding the integrity of the sport. Squash requires achieving this, while competing in very close quarters with ones opponent, often in situations where the players are physically and mentally pushed to the limit, when the difference between winning and losing fairly, is in the hands and control of each player, regardless of the officials involved.

Competitors must balance many elements which are ultimately in the control of each individual: sportsmanship with the desire to win; courtesy and respect with raw determination; fair play and while testing limits physically and mentally. Preserving the integrity of squash, the true essence of the sport, relies on everyone involved in the game to be courteous, respectful and responsible for his or her own behavior.